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Jackie Beauty founder, Taylor Shipley, was looking for products that helped with her skin problems. Managing parties, weddings— any type of event you could think of— the late nights and glasses of champagne, wreaked havoc on her skin. Nothing was working.

She transitioned out of a world of being in strip clubs until 5am and into the skin care world, motivated by a quarter-life crisis and a push from her mom. Realizing that this was the 'thing' she had been looking for, she didn't look back. Out of the tears of a melt down and a "Get your yourself together. You can do what you want" talk with her mom (they're always right by the way), Jackie Beauty came to be.

Named after her red-lipstick-wearing, diamond-and-gold, long-shade-throwing queen grandmother— Jackie Barnes. A skin care line to make your skin effortlessly flawless.


Taylor envisions Jackie Beauty being much more than just products, but a beauty & skin care power brand. A brand that not only empowers, but educates in all facets of skin care. She just wants to give everybody a dose of Jackie.